Ahmed Raza Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Raza Khan serves as the CEO of Maestro Digital since 2015.

In the age of 15, he has sat his first step in the world of technology, embarking in such teen age when boys go for camping, he spent time in front of the laptop creating innovative ways and seeking digital knowledge. Overwhelmed with the Passion for IT, he kept a strong grip in the digital world and started his career within the span of time.

His first plunge was into offset printing & designing, making remarkable fame, his eager didn’t stop there and he hunted deeper into the digital designs and techniques and started clean hands on Packaging and designs. For the great interest in gaming and filming he started working for game applications and done photography campaigns to dive in the practices of web developing and videography.

Mr. Raza worked with several international brands, contributed his excel services. He taught himself by the practical experiments and legacy of teachings his father left for him. His professional career started in 2013, from where he fleetly achieved landmark in the world of technology.He settled in Canada-Toronto, and opened Maestro’s franchise there in 2015, handling and serving branding solutions from the core of technology to every individual and to widespread communities.

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