Ahmed Kamal Khan

Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmed Kamal Khan serves as the marketing director of Maestro Digital since 2015.

Mentor of marketing and SEO strategist has begun his career from a sales department, experiencing the tactics of sales he unlocked the doors for effective brand marketing and discovered his real passion for digital industries. By the time he upgraded himself and joined a software house as a data entry officer but that didn’t suit his taste of interest, then he seek for digital strategies and functions of technological world.

Later, he was fully equipped with SEO strategies and innovative ideas for bringing small businesses to life. He worked as a consultant in many different companies and proposed outstanding and visible results which made him the mentor of marketing.

He also worked with international digital tool like, Moz which gave his career a professional boost.

In 2015, he became the first and superior Director of Marketing and planned excel strategies which gained and accelerated their clients instantly. His focus was not just to grow their business but to show them the exact route to marketing and branding.

Presently, he is working on several projects with many international and national agencies, helping them to increase their ROI and improve their sale techniques.

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